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We book other types of events from time to time but we specialize in Wedding DJ Entertainment. From making sure the music cues are executed perfectly during the ceremony, to mixing music live for a dance party, we know what it takes to ensure you have an unforgettable wedding day. Informed by extensive experience with musical performance in addition to years spent in stage production, concert lighting, and event coordination, we work closely with every couple to provide them with the wedding of their dreams. Our biggest drive is a passion for our couples. It’s an honor and a source of great fulfillment to share their wedding day with them, their friends, and family. Being a part of their vows, first


100% Customized Just For You!

We have experience with all events

  • Weddings
  • Quinceañeras
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Reunions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Church Events

All-Inclusive DJ Service

  • Consultation
  • Event planning
  • Custom Playlists
  • Do-not-play list
  • Emcee services
  • Sound/PA system
  • Microphones
  • Dance floor lighting
  • Uplighting Package
  • Custom Monogram
  • Slideshow Video Package


We're wedding experts

Unforgettable Wedding

Ceremony + Reception, 16 Uplights, Custom Monogram, 2 Spark Fountains & Slideshow Video Package

$3055 $2855

$200 Savings when bundled

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Remarkable Wedding

Ceremony + Reception, 16 Uplights, Custom Monogram

$2465 $2305

$150 Savings when bundled

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Classic Wedding

Ceremony + Reception

$1890 $1790

$100 Savings when bundled

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100% Customized Just For You!

All Packages Include

  • Consultation Meeting
  • Event planning
  • Custom Playlists
  • Do-not-play list
  • Venue Visit
  • Ceremony Sound System
  • Microphones for Officiant/Vows/Speakers
  • Amplification for Special Performers
  • Reception Sound System
  • Vinyl Tufted DJ Table Facade
  • Music for Cocktail Hour

and also…

  • Emcee services
  • Music & Announcing for Grand Entrance
  • Music for Dinner
  • Microphones for Toasts/Speeches
  • Music and Announcing for Cake Cutting
  • Bouquet Toss, Garter Removal, Games etc.
  • Anniversary Dance
  • Two 18″ Subwoofers for Dance Party
  • Custom Playlist Mixed Live for Dance Party
  • Sound/PA system
  • Dance Party Lighting
    (4 Light Bars & 2 ADJ Contours)
  • A Well Dressed, Bow Tied Dapper DJ

Premium Enhancements

We're wedding experts


Custom Monogram

Slideshow Video Package

Spark Fountains


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Wedding DJ Setup

I bring some of the best audio, lighting, and DJ equipment out there to all my weddings. Sound isn’t just sound, every choice made can either add toward the quality of the end product or take away. My sound gear consists of a JBL EON600 series system for highs. The 15″ model I use for Wedding Receptions/Dance Parties is a high-quality choice and reaches across large spaces for any guest list size.

For bass frequencies, I use either FOUR QSC HPR 181 which has the potential to shake the entire room or just fill the space nicely with low-end frequencies depending on what you’re looking for.

To mix songs I use software called Traktor Pro 3 on my Apple Macbook Pro laptop controlled by a Traktor S4 controller. This system has provided outstanding sound to many weddings and events with ease, great for any party.

When it comes to lighting, I make sure my setup is lit up as well as the venue and dance floor. I use 4 ADJ UB 12H LED color bars to color my setup and the wall behind. For dance party lights I use 2 ADJ Contours that look like LED disco balls and project colored patterns across the dance floor. For an extra flair of dance party excitement, I bring 2 Inno Pocket Z4 moving head fixtures. If you choose an uplighting package, positioned strategically across your venue you’ll see 8 or 16 Mega Tripar Profile Plus fixtures.

Lastly one of the key ingredients of my Wedding DJ setup is the 4 Panel Vinyl Tufted Facade. It has a professional look and really brings the whole setup together.

We are the masters of the dance party

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Lighting isn’t just for rock concerts. When properly done, wedding lighting can create a very elegant and extravagant look. The more polished your venue looks, the more fun everyone will have being in that space. We use a few different kind of lights to pull this off.

Uplights – These lights are placed around the walls of your venue and pointed upwards towards the ceiling to create a column of color, customizing your venue and taking your wedding to another level. Choose colors that enhance the space for your reception and even set them to react

Dance Party Lights – This is a combination of lights that wash color onto surfaces like the walls behind the DJ, the facade in front of the DJ table, the floor, etc. and lights that shine beams and patterns throughout the venue. We select professional lighting fixtures that simulate commercial-stage lighting (concert, theater) instead of cheaper fixtures that you’d see at the mall at a gift shop. to the music for your dance party.

Monogram Projection Lights – Using these standard theater overhead lights, you can have a custom logo or monogram cut into steel discs and place it into these fixtures in order to project the image onto a floor or wall of your venue space. This creates a signature feature that personalizes the venue in a special way. The bride and groom usually feel as if someone crafted their venue just for them.

Professional Emcee

One of the most overlooked and important aspects of weddings is how the event emceed. Once the ceremony and cocktail hour is complete, the rest of the wedding will be led by an emcee. From the Grand Entrance to toasts, cake cutting to dance party, the emcee contributes much toward the overall feel and flow of your wedding.

As a professional and experienced host, I make sure all weddings have a high-end and warm touch. My goal is that your guests feel comfortable celebrating so that you and your fiance have the best time possible. This involves properly introducing special people, moving the event forward from key moment to key moment, guiding guests around the facility, and making sure everyone feels taken care of.

I’ve always been able to sing and speak on stage and in front of crowds. For 7 years I worked at WCPE – The Classical Station where I recorded voice and produced commercials and announcements that aired during the day. I hosted 1 pm-4 pm for a couple of years live every weekday. Having to pronounce classical composers and performers from every country on Earth also brings comfort in pronouncing the names of the special people in your bridal party.

For each wedding or event, I Emcee, I bring a very unique and exciting style to the rhythm of the event. I am confident I have what it takes to give you exactly what you have imagined and planned for.

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