DJ Intershade Specializes in Custom & Quality Wedding DJ and Event DJ Services in Raleigh, Eastern and Central NC.

Informed by extensive experience with musical performance in addition to years spent in stage production and event coordination, I work with you closely to create a custom plan that meets all your needs.


I have a deep passion for music, people and entertainment. This means every wedding or event is infused with excitement and fueled by artistry.


Being a multi-faceted musician and technician (Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals, Audio/Visual, Production, Announcing), I bring a unique set of skills to the table. You’ll notice a difference in all details of your wedding or event.


Having 10+ years of DJ experience and a 5 star rating on all reviews, I know what it takes to execute your wedding or event with excellence. Hiring a professional reduces stress and ensures everything will be perfect!
DJ Intershade brings a whole set of Experiences & Skills to the table and as a result, turns every Wedding or Event into an Unforgettable Time.
Another benefit is that DJ Intershade is a service-based DJ company that caters to the customer in every aspect. You’ll feel completely at ease with your concerns met and your questions answered.
Our goal is that you are 100% satisfied.


We put customer satisfaction first here at DJ Intershade. From bringing backup equipment in case something goes wrong to double checking playlists to ensure each detail is perfect, we go the extra mile to ensure excellence. No detail is too small and no amount of hard work is too cumbersome for us. Our goal is to blow your expectations out of the atmosphere and bring you joy while celebrating with your family, friends and coworkers.


There’s a big difference between a DJ doing their job and a DJ passionately delivering you an unforgettable experience. After years of DJing, I’ve found I love hosting weddings, parties & events. This passion for music, people and events fuels my every decision therefore adding a special edge to your wedding or event. From the charisma in a well delivered announcement to dancing and interacting with guests as I DJ from the heart, you’ll feel the energy pulsing through your wedding/event.


Planning and executing a wedding, party or event is a huge task. DJ Intershade is committed to being at your service from the moment we’re hired to the last dance. Customers often take advantage of our 10+ years of experience to help guide them through the process of choosing all aspects of their event, putting them at ease. We put in hours of hard work preparing so that the day of your wedding or event goes smoothly. Our goal is for all your questions and concerns to turn into complete faith in us as your DJ/host. The end result will always be for you to effortlessly enjoy your wedding or event.


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